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As a wee diversion from Covid-19 why not check out the first NASA Space-X manned flight to the International Space Station on 30/31 May 2020.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

On 28th May Scotland moved into Phase 1 of the easing of Lockdown. Check the following videos to see the changes . . .

For guidance on self-quarantine please see the government link.

By 31st May the cumulative total of confirmed coronavirus cases reached 15,400 (up from 15,382 yesterday) in Scotland (population approx 5.5m) - 18 new cases.

Scotland has confirmed 9 more deaths in hospital from coronavirus in the last 24 hours bringing the total to 2362.

However, the National Registers for Scotland separately record the number of deaths to which Covid-19 was a contributing factor and includes those who died outside of hospital. As at 24th May (last reporting date) 3779 deaths were recorded.

There are 3 new tested positive cases in Lanarkshire bringing the cumulative total of positive cases in Lanarkshire (population approx 659,200) on 30th May to 1987. Lanarkshire is still the 3rd highest health board number of confirmed cases in Scotland (after Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and Lothian).

As at 24th May (last reporting date), the National Registers for Scotland recorded that 512 people had died in Lanarkshire where Covid-19 was a contributing factor (7.7 people per 10,000 population) .

How to stay safe

Members of the village can access additional local information on the members pages of the website.

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